Safeguard the Children Committee

Mission Statement:

  1. To ensure an effective response to allegations of sexual abuse of minors.

  2. To promote healing and reconciliation with victims/ survivors of sexual abuse of minors.

  3. To ensure communication of the requirements of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People and full compliance with its mandates.

  4. To implement procedures and policies in furtherance of the goals of the Charter and to ensure accountability and compliance.

  5. To protect the faithful in the future.

The Committee is composed of school parents, parishioners and parish and school staff.  Its members are drawn from various professions including law enforcement, health care, law, education, business and computer technology.

Any issue or concern regarding the safety of minors can be brought to the attention of any Committee member or can be addressed by contacting Doug Sinning at (818) 249-2008, Ext. 223. Or, you may seek assistance by visiting the following web-sites:

  1. Victim Assistance

  2. Office of Child and Youth Protection

  3. Programs and Resources